HR Transformation

Implementing or changing talent management processes
Be sure to make HR valuable for your organisation. Improvements of HR processes are just as important as in any other business area. A clear communication strategy and interim support enables daily operations to run smoothly when changing ways of working. Career Planet can be that support in your organisation: as a change agent, supporting your process improvements within the talent management area.

Competency mapping in order to meet new business goals
In a transformation process we help you analyse who you need to have in your teams to make sure you are successful and meet your future goals. First we look internally to identify what competence gaps there are in the organisation at the moment related to your business plan. We then look externally or internally across your different business units to identify where the talents are that your team needs in order to succeed.

Preparing the organisation for new ways of working
When changing processes and ways of working, it is important that your organisation is well prepared.
Career Planet has experience of organizing seminars and workshops for employees within the public and the private sector.
We can help you set up the training courses your organisation needs when changing processes and ways of working.